ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS CC (2015.2 ) 13.7 – UPDATE / ACTUALIZACIÓN – Windows 10 /8.1 /8 ( 64bits)

ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS CC (2015.2 ) 13.7 - UPDATE / ACTUALIZACIÓN - Windows 10 /8.1 /8 ( 64bits)
Adobe ha lanzado una actualización reciente para su aplicación After Effects CC, con el propósito de solucionar los errores encontrados por algunos usuarios utilizando el software oficial. Esta actualización de Adobe After Effects CC 2015.2 (13.7) corrige dichos problemas y ofrece mayor estabilidad de la aplicación de sus últimas versiones de adobe.



  •     Resizing a panel by dragging panel borders with
    a tablet pen (e.g. a Wacom tablet) no longer causes the pointer to continue to
    drag the panel border the next time you touch the pen down, or to unexpectedly
    begin dragging after a single click.
  •     Zooming with the mouse wheel in a
    Composition panel set to multiple views will again zoom the view under the
    pointer as expected, instead of only zooming the first view.
  •     Audio is no longer silent for the first 2
    seconds of real-time playback of previews after the composition has been fully
    cached, if the Mute Audio When Preview Is Not Real-time preference is enabled.
    Important: This fixed bug addresses a specific problem in which audio did not
    engage when the playback frame rate is real-time; we are continuing to
    investigate a similar bug some users are experiencing where the preview of a
    cached composition starts out slower than real-time, and ramps up to real-time
    after a similar delay (~2-3 seconds). In this case, if Mute Audio When Preview
    Is Not Real-time is enabled, you will not hear audio during until the preview
    frame rate is real-time; you can work around this bug by disabling Mute Audio
    When Preview Is Not Real-time.
  •     Audio no longer plays out of sync if the
    frame rate of the comp or footage is different than the Frame Rate option in
    the Preview panel.
  •     Visual artifacts no longer occur in layers
    that use time remapping with frame blending set to Pixel Motion, or with
    Timewarp, Rolling Shutter Repair, and other effects that use the Pixel Motion
    (optical flow) method.
  •     Antialiasing in viewer panels (Composition,
    Layer, Footage) is improved when downsampling (e.g., viewer resolution is set
    to full and zoom is set to 25%) and the Hardware Accelerate Composition, Layer,
    and Footage Panels option is enabled in Preferences > Display.
  •     Layers draw their contents as expected,
    instead of a wireframe, when you hold the Option (Mac OS) or Alt (Windows) key
    while dragging the anchor point with the Pan Behind tool.
  •     Fixed several cases where the render
    progress bar in the Composition panel failed to appear or update as expected
    after modifying a composition.


  •  Maxon CINEWARE 3.0

    new preference to auto-save when starting
the render queue
    improvements to Cache Before Playback
    … and many bug fixes

  • Maxon
    CINEWARE 3.0

CINEWARE plug-in for After Effects has been updated to version 3.0, and
includes the following features:

  •     Live Link, which synchronizes the timelines
    in After Effects and Cinema 4D (R17 SP2)
  •     support for the Cinema 4D Take System (R17)
  •     extract .c4d timeline markers
  •     other enhancements and fixes

also includes the following rendering improvements:

  •     OpenGL renderer
  •     renderer limitations have been removed:
    Physical, Hardware, and Sketch and Toon renderers will now render using
  •     multi-pass alpha channels
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